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    Punjab assignment help

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    [h=2]Southern Cross University Courses and subjects[/h]A wide range of educational courses are being offered by Southern Cross University so as to allow students to gain necessary skills required in order to excel in their personal and professional career. Some of the most popular courses offered by Southern Cross University include Master of business administration, Masters of International Tourism and hotel management, Master of professional accounting and Master of information technology management etc.
    Master of business administration course is one among the most popular among the foreign students across Australia and offers both practical and conceptual knowledge for the students for business domain. Some of the subjects covered under this course include MNG81001 management communication, MNG82001 Organizational behavior, ECO82001 Economics and quantitative analysis, ACC00724 Accounting for managers, MKT00720 marketing, ACC00716 Finance, MNG00723 Global business, MNG00785 Project management, MNG03217 The Positive leader, MNG003218 Managing information system and MNG93002 Strategy and case analysis etc. Punjab Assignment Help offers exclusive assignment help services for students for master of business administration domain in Southern Cross University in Australia.
    Master of International Tourism and hotel management course offered include subjects such as MKT01907 Tourism and hospitality management, ACC00724 Accounting for managers, MKT01906 International Tourism systems, MKT01760 Tourism planning environments, MNG91002 Entrepreneurship, MKT01762 Contemporary Hotel and tourism issues and MNG93003 Industry research project etc.
    Master of information technology management coursework offered include subjects such as ISY92115 Data management, CMP91020 Emerging technology in business, ISY91015 Information system analysis and design, ISY93205 Information system security management, MNG91217 Project management principles, MNG93211 Managing information system and MNG93217 Industry research project etc.

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