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    VPN Routers Problem

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    Dear,First of all I am new to this forum, I run a small software house in Pakistan and currently using D-link VPN routers, now the problem is they are causing me trouble from a few days.

    I have DLink 2740B and the problem is it's not allowing outgoing VPN connections from the LAN. Everything else is OK (incoming mail, incoming VPN, etc) apart from the outgoing VPN.

    The connection hangs at the "Verifying username and password" stage and the local machine records error 629 which is (Message: The modem (or other connecting device) was disconnected due to link failure.)
    Any solution to that?

    Also I am fed up of D-link and want to get rid of it.If any of my friend is from Pakistan can tell me where should I go to purchase Tp link products?
    I have gone through many sites on internet but couldn't find any reliable outlet.


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    You should have an option somewhere in your router to allow VPN pass-through, make sure it's enabled.Well I am from Pakistan and bought a router from http://www.w11stop.com/tp-link quite long ago. Router is still in perfect shape.

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    Agree with danish123,, I think you should enable VPN passthrough on D router. BTW, what kinda VPN are you using


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