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    wifi connections often stop working when used after long inactive periods

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    I've been using a Deco system since December sometime. Overall I like it pretty well, but I have a persistent issue that really bothers me.

    On all three of my PCs that use the wireless (a desktop, and two laptops - but never my cell phones), after a long period of disuse (hours or more, or after closing the lid of a laptop and reopening it later), the wifi connection will completely stop passing data - but still show up as connected with full signal strength. Web browsers make requests or do name lookups and wait forever for a response.

    This makes screen time for the kids pretty frustrating for all involved!

    Restarting the computer sometimes fixes the issue, but not reliably.


    I've noticed that if I manually disconnect from the wireless network, maybe even power the laptop network adapter off and on again, and then reconnect to the network, it often succeeds and begins working normally.

    This is really irritating! Its like the router just forgets about the connection after a time, and then never routes to it anymore, even though the physical connection is maintained.

    Has anyone else seen this issue, or have any suggestions?

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    Hi cgifool,

    I've red that several people has this same issue and they solved it by upgrading the firmware on the units.



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