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    Connect from VPN to all ranges of central IPSec VPN tunnels

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    Two locations (A and B) connected by IPSec VPN tunnel with two TL-Er604W units, correct mode operation. Headquarters A with Rank and headquarters B with rank
    A traveler employee connects via PPTP or L2TP VPN to the correct way, accesses range resources, but does not access rank B. Any way that externally by VPN connects to the two ranges connected to each other by IPSec tunnel?

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    Headquarter A and B connect via IPsec lan to lan. And A as a L2TP/PPTP client to lan server. A client connects to headquarter A( L2TP/PPTP server), and then it could access And now you want to figure out how to access headquarter B at the same time via IPsec VPN connection between A and B?

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    I have two sites connected by vpn ipsec tunnel. At headquarters A, configured a pptp / l2tp server on router. A mobile user accesses headquarters A via vpn pptp / l2tp, and accesses the local network range, but I was also interested in accessing the network rank of site B, created with the ipsec vpn tunnel. I guess this process can not be.
    The only possible solution I think are two connections, a vpn pptp / l2tp connection to headquarters A and another vpn pptp / l2tp connection to headquarters B ....


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