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    Question Why is the schedule limited to 16 events?

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    Why is the schedule limited to 16 events? I'm using the plug to control my fans and I wanted to create a schedule with 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off for the entire day (24 hours). In order to do that I need 48 events. Since this is part of the software can this be changed/improved? Thanks.

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    Maximum is 32 events for smart plug. if you can only add 16, maybe need to update firmware?

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    The firmware on all my plugs are up to date (v1.2.5). I'm using the Kasa app on an Android device. I ended up contacting support about this since my question was not approved on this forum for weeks (submitted on February 14, 2018). Glad to see it finally got approved. Anyway, they told me that the Android version of the Kasa app is limited to 16 events and would be updated to support 32 events soon. I'm not sure why there is a limit at all since it's just software. I need 48 events because I want to set up a 30 minute on/off interval for a 24 hour day. I think they should add another type of schedule for just this purpose because I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting to set up a schedule like this.


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