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I have three 3-way light circuits, each with just one HS-210 installed (the second switch in each circuit was left original).
Two of the circuits work correctly, so I expect I'm installing them correctly (plus I'm and EE).

The third circuit does not work correctly (at least with the app).
The switch does work correctly when pressed manually. Each press toggles between on and off, as it should.
However, when controlling with the app, each time the app says "on", whether by pushing the apps button, or by scheduled "on" event, the actual lights change state (switches on, if originally off, or switches off, if originally on). So, the app may show that the light is "on", when actually it is off. Turning the switch to "off" via the app, does nothing (light remains on, if already on).

Pretty sure that it's wired up right. It probably has to be, in order the the manual control to be working correctly.

I've factory reset the device and reinstalled. No change.

Any ideas?