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    Angry ETA of next firmware update?!

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    Ok, TP-Link, weve been waiting for the next firmware for more than 3 months now and Im sick of checking the Deco app every day...Now: when do you EXPECT to release the next update and which bug fixes or new features (manual IP range!) are planned to be included???

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    Same subject, when can we expect the next firmware-upgrade???

    Please no bullshit like as soon as possible, we have now wait enough!!!

    My interest here is when I use ethernet backhaul in a Deco-satellite, the Guest-network dont work in this particular unit, see earlier threads in this matter

    Look forward of any type of response .........
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    same here - it's about time. actually overdue

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    any news on VLAN tagging support?

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    Thumbs up

    Theyre stalling us. Shame on you, Tp-Link guys!!! Do your job!Ill be very disappointed if I see Deco V2 without V1 bugs fixed.

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    Yes, please update us on this. My Deco version is 20171103 which by my estimate is over 4 months ago. Fed up with setting (null) in the insights and but fully convinced the bedtimes or parental limits work correctly. Is the Deco still being supported?

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    The TP-LINK support said a new firmware will be available on May or June

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    Repsonse from TP Link in Twitter was

    "we do not have an ETA at present, but stayed tuned for updates!"

    So i'm not holding out much hope

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    Yea this is kind of weird. Nothing for like 4-5 months.


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