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Hardware Version :

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Model : TL-ER6120

Hardware Version : 2

Firmware Version : last


Hi, I am using this device as an L2TP VPN server and I connect clients with Windows 10 through the VPN connection program that has integrated Windows.

I am testing the VPN through L2TP and I have realized that if I leave the VPN open and without using it or I leave the PC without using the internet for a while, the VPN connection is disconnected. If I use it, it does not disconnect.

I've been looking at the Windows 10 Professional Event Viewer and I see that it does not mark me as an error, but as information, giving as a code returned the 828. Looking on the internet is because it has exceeded the downtime or idle.

In the configuration of the Windows 10 client the option that disconnects after a while without using the VPN is deactivated and in the configuration of the TL-ER6120 I do not see anything activated to close the connection.

If I see in the TL-ER6120 options of time of use and things like that, but in principle it is all removed, and in the own section of VPN I do not see that there is anything.

Does anyone know how to avoid it?

Sorry for my poor english