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I have had this C7 v2 router for about a year. It has been a trouble free great router. Never once had to reset it until a couple days ago.

A couple days ago it started dropping both channels when I would try to stream 4k video. It would drop everything and all the lights on the front would go out within seconds of starting a video. I would have to cycle power to get the channels to show up on my devices again. I found this forum and updated the firmware.

The new firmware fixed the instant crashing, but now the speed on both channels is spotty. My 2.4ghz varies from 12-20mbps and my 5ghz runs anywhere from 10mbps to 120mbps. Sometimes the internet completely drops from the channel and I have to swap back and forth between channels until I have internet again.

I am using mostly tp link hardware, tp link wifi cards and extenders. These routers aren't the cheap ones either. Is there any other solutions to this problem?