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I bought a TC7650 to use with upgraded service from Xfinity. My down speed is inconsistent, and my up speed is half what it should be. He said that his test modem signals look fine and this new TP-Link modem is the issue. Here are some values that the tech support guy gave me.

Receive Power Level(downstream) -20.8 dBmV

Downstream SignalQuality (SNR)26.9 dB

Upstream SignalQuality (SNR)34.3 dB

I realize that these values are out of spec, but how do I know its actually the modem and not something else? I don't trust the tech since he said several other things that seemed like cop-outs to the problem.

FYI, the modem is 3 days old, so I could just return it. It was purchased @ amazon.