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I need some help in choosing the best product for my needs.

I have a fast fibre connection tot he home and downstairs get excellent speeds (300mbps) over wifi, and have downstairs all ethernet cabled out.

However upstairs we have a home office and currently use a WA901ND access point setup in CLIENT mode to give connection to a switch and in turn printer/desktop computer/voip phone etc.

Itís working ok but feel the speeds re rather outdated now (normal iMac wifi connection is actually faster than the WA901ND) as obviously its only an N device and want to upgrade to an AC 5Ghz device to get the best bandwidth.

Now, Iíve looked at the RE580D (AC1900) WiFi Extender, and the AP500 (AC1900) Access Point.

Firstly is the AP500 now obsolete as most sellers in the UK have it listed as ďend of lifeĒ in which case what has superseded it?

It seemed to offer me what I wanted, use as a CLIENT, good throughput to give me as close to the 300mbps as possible upstairs etc, but then again so does the RE580 and it would negate the need for a switch (as it has 4 built in ethernet ports) ? I really donít need, or necessarily want to extend the Wifi however so would turn that off in either product, I just want the fasted CLIENT link to my ethernet devices?

Which is best? (Oh and they are both similar prices on Amazon).