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    TL-PA8030P KIT and Surge Protection?

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    I'm currently considering getting the TL-PA8030P KIT in order to connect some hard to reach devices.

    While thinking about the integration of the kit, I was wondering how these units could pose a threat to my currently surge protected equipment.

    For understandable reasons, it is not recommended to plug these adapters into surge protectors. However, by plugging them into the wall outlet, wouldn't that mean that surges from the electrical circuit could travel over the ethernet wire directly into my equipment? Living in Florida, I thought this would be a question worth asking...

    This is why I'm wondering if the components have some sort of integrated surge-protection for the three ethernet connections, shielding them from surges coming through the power line. I'm not concerned about the power plug itself because that's where my surge protector will be plugged in so that side is secured. I'm just concerned about the ethernet wires...

    Any input - especially from tp-link - is highly appreciated!


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    If you're afraid of lightning strike, you'll need to pass your Ethernet wires through separate surge filters. However, in my experience, in a direct hit or a near miss to the effect when surge protectors would actually get something to do, fragile analog signal processing electronics (phones, DSL modems, ethernet interfaces) often enough are toast anyway.

    The one thing where those surge protector thingies come handy is that some include insurance in their purchase price. So your equipment may still be toast, but at least you're covered for a new one.

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    In related news, APC seem to have some power strips w/ surge protection and a couple of "PLC compatible" outlets - whatever that means, feel free to research into that.

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    Thanks for your input!


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