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    Policy routing with TL-ER5120

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    I am pretty new to this device so please excuse my ignorance. I have my 2 separate internet provider routers plugged into the balancer but I do not wish to have the "Enable Application Optimized Routing" enabled. I need to access our company share-it! web panel but I get disconnected from time to time as the outgoing IP changes, so I thought I could use a policy routhing rule to route the traffic from my computer to share-it! web panel page only through one WAN connection.

    So I created this rule https://www.screencast.com/t/fynjJ8h3 where Custom_IP is my computers IP and share_it points to the IP of the server running the web panel, however in some cases I still get disconnected as it appears I am connected through WAN1 and then WAN2. Is there something I need to double check so that all traffic going to share_ip passes through WAN1 only? Maybe I am missing something?


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    well, your company share-it only could be reached from WAN1, right? Do you configure any other Load Balance feature, like Link Backup or any other? Screenshots of all Load Balance configuration will be more clear. Maybe I can help. BTW. why not directly configure ACL based on your device_TL-ER5120 v3?


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