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    AC3200 fails with Error code: 1 - Internal error

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    My AC3200 has started to develop a strange behaviour:
    At regular intervals, I will start to notice that wireless performance drops.
    Then my wirelessly connected OctoPrint-server will loose connection to my network.

    Then when I try to login to the management console on the AC3200, I will get "Error code 1 - Internal error".
    This means that I cannot do any configuration changes.

    What to do?

    Firmwareversion:0.9.1 0.1 v004b.0 Build 160712 Rel.55313n

    Hardware: v1

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    Check the AC adapter, are you using the correct one?
    I was using a wrong adapter and the wifi wasn't working ( same error ).

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    Maybe you can contact tplink support for the further help

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    Yes, I am using the supplied power supply, so I don suspect that is the issue here.


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