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Hello everyone
I just registered in search for help for an unusual idea that maybe could work, but I'd like to have a qualified opinion about.

The subject:
the Kemper Profiler (KPA) is a famous digital guitar amp simulator, that uses a ethernet cable to connect to its remote controller, exchanging data and powering it.
I always supposed that electronically it used some proprietary signal management, but in some forum appeared a photo of a KPA using POE150S to avoid damage to the connector in case of unintentional pulling of the cable (you never know what can happen on stage...).

Now: the remote control is powered through the cable and uses a standard network equipment, so I think it exchanges data using ethernet standard

The question: what could I try/investigate, to add a wireless data transmitter and receiver so that I can completely get rid of the cable?

Anyone willing to share some thought?
If it worked, it would be a great, much appreciated solution!

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help

(attached there is a photo of the equipment that started the discussion... )

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