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I have a router-WiFi model WR641G / 642G with FIREWARE VIEW. 4.3.10 BUILD 091021 Rel. 60773n.
I have it for a long time and it has worked very well, however, I would like to know if with it I can control the access to the internet in a schedule established by me.
For Example: From 8 AM to 11 AM no one has access to the internet.
I only have 5 computers connected to the network.
The teams do not have fixed IPs, they take IP assigned by DHCP.
The teams have W8.1 and only 1 has W7.
Or if I have some other way of being able to restrict access to the internet with this router such as generating some rule, MAC filtering, etc..etc ..
This router does not have the option of access control as other models do.

Thank you very much for your help