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A lot of bands/singers are using shortened URLs to make it easier for their fans to access certain parts of their websites without typing in long URLs (ex: http://abcdefghjklmnop.qrz/tuvwxyz).

The website: is a shortened URL that is supposed to redirect to the website for one of my favorite bands:

When I attempt to access this website, with antivirus enabled on my family's Deco M5 system, I get a message saying Warning: Dangerous Malware TP-Link HomeCare has blocked access to this website.

I also get this message if I try to access something, like or

See video here:

At the bottom of the page it says Know this website is safe? Report to Trend Micro and, when I click that link, it takes me to:

On that page, I enter and get a message for the website saying that the site is safe.

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I checked the Deco app and there doesn't seem to be a way to add website exceptions to the antivirus settings.

My family does not want to disable antivirus protection for our Deco M5 system.

Is there anything else I can do so this website is is not blocked on my family's Deco M5 system?