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I am looking at buying the Deco 5 system and have some very initial questions to clarify my understanding that I am hoping someone will be kind enough to answer please:

1 - Currently I have a Virgin Media Superhub running as Modem only and a Netgear router connected via ethernet to handle to Wifi and DHCP etc. Would I be able to set the Deco 5 up the same way?

2 - I assign static IPs to all my devices (max 10) and, again, can I do this with the Deco 5?

3 - From the Netgear router, I run a couple of Powerlines as I have a couple of media players in other rooms of the house that will only accept wired connections. Am I able to run ethernet cables FROM the satellite Deco units placed in other rooms into such devices in the same way; thus removing the need for Powerlines? If so how robust does this kind of setup tend to be given that I'll be streaming music to these devices from Tidal etc and really don't want to start to get dropouts? If that is a 'no' then I assume I can continue to use Powerlines from the Deco 5 plugged into the modem in the same way?

4 - Am I able to add further Deco units around the house later if I wish?

Generally speaking how robust a system do people find it to be? The main issue I am having with my existing setup is the speed. On WiFi, the max I am getting from the Netgear is around 85 Mb whereas I am actually paying for 200. Using the Virgin hub as a router the speeds actually increase but reliability drops.

If there are any other issues that I have missed or problems i need to look out for before buying I'd really appreciate a heads up.

Thanks in advance for any help.