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    Exclamation T1600G-28TS V2 - Loss of web admin, telnet, ssh and ping

    Model : T1600G-28TS

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hello, my English is not very good and I am using the google translator.
    Recently I acquired a T1600G-28TS V2, it had been working well, until I configured a vlan and after a while it stopped working completely. Does not answer ping, does not enter through web services, ssh or telnet. The strange thing is that the switch keeps working, my computers are still connected and there are communications in the network, but it does not respond to ping and neither does the vlan. I have to turn it off and on to work again. I do not see any new firmware to install. Will it be a problem for the T1600G-28TS V2? Did someone else experience a similar problem to help me?
    Attached captures the configuration of the vlan.
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    Due to computer connect to the port 1/0/12, this port belongs to vlan3. But you only configured ip address for vlan1(go to Routing--->Interface).
    So this computer can not access switch via ip address of vlan1.

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    Sorry, I had not uploaded the capture of the routing part. As it looks is created and I have access from both lan.
    But recently, I have reset to factory values and it has been blocked again. So I think it's not problems with the vlan configuration, since it did not have any created and just leave the default values. It will be a factory problem? It is very frustrating because in the log, there is no record.
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    Interestingly, the firmware version you have installed is not available on TP-Link's websites (checked US, UK and DE sites), otherwise I probably could install it on my V1 switch to compare both versions. Your setup looks correct and in firmware V1 this setup works fine. Just to make sure: did you save the config to retain settings over reboots/power failures?

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