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It would appear that my son is somehow defeating the parental controls for his profile. It is set to:Time limit 5h/dayBedtime 2200h to 0730hHe spends most of the time on Steam or playing CS:GO.It appears that if he starts a game before the 5h is up, or before the bedtime then the game continues until the end of the game. Given that these can go on for hours it appears, from a layman's view that the system is simply not working as it should.You can see internet traffic on the device, but you see on the insights that there is no history after the 5h is up yet he's still playing. Pausing the profile has no effect. Even blacklisting the device has no effect.Config is:TalkTalk Broadband Router (Wifi disabled)-> Deco-> Switch-> mains borne ethernet (far end has 2nd WiFi)-> sons computer EthernetIt appears that if he tries to start a game after the time has run out or after bedtime he is blocked.Any idea what is going on and how to stop this on the future?Thank you.