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    [Question] Configure Guest WiFi Access on EAP245 Deployed with Home Router

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    I am using the EAP245 for my home network. My deployment topology is as follows:

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    I'd like to achieve the following, and can't figure out how to do so:
    1. Have separate "home" and "guest" networks,
    2. Both networks span both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios,
    3. Home network has access to the Internet, Ethernet nodes (desktop computer, NAS device, etc.), and other WiFi devices on the the Home network,
    4. Guest network has access to the Internet, and to other WiFi devices on the Guest network.

    I gather that I can set up multiple SSIDs, and that I can assign them to separate VLANs. What I can't figure out is:
    If I configure one SSID (say, "Home on 5 GHz") to one VLAN, and another (say, "Home on 2.4 GHz") to the same VLAN, does that allow access between the WiFi devices on the two SSIDs? Conversely, separate VLANs means no access?
    How do I ensure that the Guest VLAN (say, the SSIDs "Guest on 5 GHz" and "Guest on 2.4 GHz") don't have access to any Ethernet-connected nodes other than the router, so that all they can do is go to the Internet, and talk to each other?

    Please advise.

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    I think could just use an ACL on your guest networks. You could block all IPs on your LAN (depending on your authentication mechanism for the guest network you may need to allow access to the machine doing the authentication). You couild also allow the IP range that your guest wifi allows so they can talk to each other. How feasible this is depends on how many guest devices you have and how you assign their IPs.


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