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    Can't access C7 v2 after firmware upgrade

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    Logged into C7 V2 and did a backup. Upgraded to latest firware and then did a restore for the port forwarding and other settings. After the restore I can no long log into the router with the username and password. Even tried the default to no avail.

    Any Ideas?


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    Reset your router and do not restore any old settings.

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    I know I can do that, but it defeats the purpose of doing a backup and restore...I was hoping to not have to completely rebuild the router.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lurvelly View Post
    Reset your router and do not restore any old settings.

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    1. Back up existing configuration
    2. Upgrade to latest firmware.
    3. Log in (user =admin. password = admin)
    4. Do Factory Reset
    5. Log in (user = admin, password = admin)
    6. Restore file saved in step 1

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    I have had some Firmwares' in the past that would not allow it , and assumed it was because of too many changes in the Firmware for it to work so it maybe worth taking photos of each page in the future not that it helps much , there can be alot to setup especially if you don't have everything on "Auto"



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