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I donít fully understand the 3G/4G failover capability of TP-Link routers, like TL-MR3420. Does the router actually detect your internet service provider WAN outage? Iím not talking about electricity being down and the cable modem powered down, or manually unplugging the WAN cable from the TP-Link router Ė obviously those can be easily detected. I refer to the connection to the outside being unavailable (ISP gateways or DNS servers unreachable), while all your home equipment is still up and running locally. Does a TP-Link router actually detect that kind of event and switches to 3G/4G automatically? I want to get TP-Link as a secondary router - I will plug it into my existing primary router, and then plug whatever equipment I need to be online during an ISP outage into the TP-Link. When my ISP WAN is down, I will need TP-Link to accurately and quickly detect that event, and switch to 3G/4G. Subsequently, when the ISP is back up, I will need TP-Link to detect that and switch back to the primary WAN connection.