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    Problem with the Status LED light

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    Okay, so I bought a TL-WN781ND wifi card (pci express), on the label it says (UN) Ver. 2.2, and downloaded the V2 driver (my pc is running windows 10). The wifi card is working properly, no problems with the internet, everything is working as it should, except the status light. There is no status light at any time, it doesn't flash in any way, it's turned off. I read that that can occur when a driver isn't installed, but I installed the V2 driver, and the antennae is properly connected; what could be causing this issue? It's really been bugging me the past few days and I have no idea how to solve it.

    Thank you in advance! Mihailo

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    have you tried another driver? If this issue also happen, maybe this LED is broken

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    Solved it by installing an older version of the driver

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    Same problem here

    Hi, i have the same problem with my tl-wn781nd v2.2.

    i thought it was broken and exchange in the store but the other adapter has the same problem.
    could you please send me the link of the driver that solve your problem?


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    Here you go:
    https://static.tp-link.com/res/down/...ity_150818.zip Install the driver and utility from the .zip

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    thanks a lot


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