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    WPA4220KIT with different firmware 1.2.8 / 1.2.9

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    I own a TL-WPA4220 kit (1 transmitter + 2 receivers).
    One of the receivers had a problem, and has been replaced by Amazon.

    Now I see that the two devices (both have hardware V1) have different firware versions...:
    - one has 1.2.8 Build 140401 Rel.49960n
    - one has 1.2.9 Build 160525 Rel.35241n

    That's not the only difference: I see that in the top right corner of the web GUI, one shows AV500 and the other one shows AV600.
    And one more difference is in the Wirelesse settings page.
    Firmware 1.2.8 let me choose the Region, while firmware 1.2.9 doesn't.

    I have updated the firmware of both devices to latest versione (Italian website, latest firmware is from 15 May 2017).
    The only option was to update via PLC Utility, by uploading NVM and PIB file.

    The two devices still show different versions: 1.2.8 and 1.2.9, despite the two rows below are the same:

    My question is... how do I align both devices to latest 1.2.9 (or newer) firmware?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shield101 View Post
    That's exactly what I have installed: May 2017.

    The screenshot I've provided is after firmware update: they still show different versions.
    One is 1.2.8
    Other is 1.2.9
    One shows AV500
    Other shows AV600
    One let me choose Wi-Fi region
    Other does not le me choose.


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