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    Junior Member rkruitbosch is on a distinguished road
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    No Guest network in AP mode

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    When changing my Deco from router mode to access point mode the Guest Network is gone. And there is no option to make a Guest Network.

    Is this a bug and can this be solved? Please do, I need AP mode and a Guest Network for my Deco.\

    I do use the latest firmware 1.1.6 Rel 47257

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    Junior Member mfischer is on a distinguished road
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    Feb 2018
    I'm having the same problem. I understand that many features are not available when moving to AP mode. However I didn't think GUEST Network would be one of them.

    What's the resolution?

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    Do we have an update on this?

    Or is this maybe going to be enhanced at some point? Otherwise I am considering of sending the device back and get another solution... Thanks.

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    At the moment guest mode is unavailable in AP mode but iam guessing that the TP-Link developers will implement it in the near future!

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    Providing a guest network in AP mode would make the networking and interconnect a little more complex. Essentially it wouldn’t really provide a guest network, but two networks, and the router would have to provide the guest network in a seaperate VLAN for the AP to repeat. So a mode like this would have a lot of dependencies on the router. Nothing terribly hard, but not exactly plug and play simple either. Does your router support a guest VLAN and a trunk output with tagging for an upstream access point?

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    Hallo,Well I believe already just adding specific rules to the Guest network (only allow HTTP and HTTPs) would be a good starting point, if it would get to complex to actually do a second network.


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