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    Tether App Parental Controls - limit on number of items in Child List?

    Model : Archer D9

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi, I have an Archer D9 modem router. I use the Tether App on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to enable Parental Controls.

    Until recently, my kids only had 4 devices on the Child List under parental controls. Now I need to add other devices but there seems to be a limit of 4 devices. (If I tap the plus symbol in this part of the app, it won't add another device. If I delete one of the devices, I can then add another device, but only to a limit of 4). I also noticed in the modem's login (through my internet browser) that there is only space to add 4 MAC addresses to the parental controls.

    Is this actually correct? Do I have to pay some kind of subscription to be able to add more devices?


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