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    Insights empty since Feb 2nd and how to "solve" it

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    Within the parental controls you have the option to see the internet usage (which websites) of a profile.
    Since Feb 2nd no internet usage is shown anymore for none of the profiles on my DECO. And believe me, all those days there was massive use of the internet...

    Below an example of one of the profiles.

    Name:  20180205_181332000_iOS.jpg
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    Name:  20180205_181409000_iOS.jpg
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    And 4 days ago, Feb 1st, we see the last internet traffic.

    Name:  20180205_181452000_iOS.jpg
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    I had exactly the same issue back in November but the helpdesk was not able to solve it for me at that time.

    The way to (temporary) solve it is easy but very not convenient; you need to delete all the profiles and create them again...
    After re-creating them, and linking all the devices to the profiles, you directly see it working again.

    Name:  20180205_182720000_iOS.jpg
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    My guess is that somehow a log file on the DECO is becoming to big and gets deleted when removing the profiles.
    It would be great if someone from DECO technical support can investigate and fix it with a next firmware release...
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    Do you always block new websites from the Insights page?
    It seems that the websites you blocked has exceeded the 32-item limitation in one of your profiles. Simply delete some of websites until the items are less than 32.
    Then check again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TP-Link Deco View Post
    It seems that the websites you blocked has exceeded the 32-item limitation in one of your profiles.
    32-item limitation? Which 32-item limitation? I was not aware that there is a restricting to the number of sites that you can block. And 32 is not that much...
    Once in a while I check the list of sites and block suspicious ones. E.g. each time my son finds a new VPN site to bypass all the parental controls...

    Apart from that, if there is a limitation of max 32 then why does the software no prevent adding number 33? Just disable the option to add more if the list is 32.

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    If you try to add a new item in the profile when the items have reached the 32-item limitation, it will refuse your request.
    As for your case, usually a VPN provider has hundreds of servers in the world. It's not that possible to block all the server addresses. It's recommended to set up bedtimes to restrict the time period when your son can get internet access.

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    Next time when I have the issue again I will check the number of blocked sites for the profiles. At the moment all is working fine.


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