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    HS-105 smart plug - Asus RT-N66R firewall preventing remote access

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    I have 2 HS-100 and 3 HS-105 smart plugs. I set up all 5 no problem using the Kasa app for IOS on my iPhone. All 5 plugs work flawlessly on local wifi but out of the 5, the 3 HS-105's only work sporadically remotely on cellular. (The 2 HS-100's have no issues) It seems to be related to the router firewall because if I turn off the firewall, they work perfectly. I have tried uninstalling, factory resetting and re-installing, rebooting my router, etc. but the problem persists. The router is an Asus RT-N66R and I can't seem to find firewall settings that would fix the problem. I don't think port forwarding would work since you can only open ports for one IP address. I have also assigned static IP addresses to all devices. Any ideas??? This is frustrating since the remote access is important to me.

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    I heard that for HS105 support team have a beta firmware which may solve your remote connection issue.


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