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    Exclamation Low SNR Connection

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    Hi. When I configure the CPE 220 to connect to a wireless network, it supposedly does it, because the statistics show that it connects correctly ... I configure it in Bridge Mode to take that signal and repeat it with a different SSID and it connects correctly. The problem is that it does not broadcast the internet. I can access the main router through the network that created the CPE220 but I can not surf the internet.
    With this network the SNR oscillates between 18 and 24 ... I have tried with other nets nearer and it works well (although a little slow) the connection to Internet (with SNR of 60 up only, not less ).
    The strange thing is that I can enter the main router, but I can not surf the internet. It is not a router problem because I have a usb wifi adapter with which I can surf the internet with that network, but I bought the CPE 220 just to avoid having to rely on a PC to have an active network for mobile phones.
    I've tried establishing DNS inside the CPE, also internet making an internal LAN network in the CPE (that the CPE will assign you an own IP, not the main router) and nothing works.
    I spent hours and hours internally touching everything and even updated the firmware to see if it was a software problem, but no.
    Is there any way to connect to networks with the SNR a little low (due to obstacles in the way such as walls and other things) and to retransmit the internet well?
    I am doing something wrong?
    Thanks in advance

    Hola. Cuando configuro el CPE 220 para que se conecte a una red inalámbrica, supuestamente lo hace, porque las estadísticas muestran que se conecta correctamente... Lo configuro en Bridge Mode para tomar esa señal y repetirla con un SSID diferente y se conecta correctamente... El problema es que no retransmite internet. Puedo entrar al router principal a través de la red que creó el CPE220 pero no puedo navegar por internet. Con esta red el SNR oscila entre 18 y 24 ... he probado con otras redes mas cercanas y si funciona bien (aunque un poco lenta) la conexión a internet (con SNR de 60 para arriba solamente, menos no).Lo extraño es que si puedo entrar al router principal, pero no puedo navegar por internet. No es un problema del router porque tengo un adaptador wifi usb con el cual si puedo navegar por internet con esa red, Pero compré el CPE 220 justamente para no tener que depender de una PC para tener una red activa para los teléfonos móviles.Intente estableciendo DNS adentro del CPE, también internet haciendo una red LAN interna en el CPE (que el CPE te asigne una IP propia, no del router principal) y nada funciona.Pasé horas y horas internando tocar todo y hasta actualicé el firmware a ver si era un problema de software, pero no.Hay alguna forma de conectarse a redes con el SNR un poco bajo (debido a obstaculos en el camino como paredes y otras cosas) y que retransmita bien internet? Estoy haciendo algo mal?
    Muchas gracias por tu tiempo

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    Quote Originally Posted by usherfiles View Post
    With this network the SNR oscillates between 18 and 24 ...
    With this SNR the connectivity is only capable of functioning to a limited extent. This means you can probably ping the main router and even some sites on the Internet (try ping, but you can't load web sites, which involve much more traffic than just few packets.

    Ensure that the CPE220 are aligned precisely and that there is a free line of sight between them to improve SNR. Also, using 2.4 GHz band can pose a problem in dense populated areas.

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    Hi R1D2! Thanks for the reply... it's a friend's Wifi, so I don't have the power to decide where to place the main router sadly... so the only way to improve the connection (or make it work) is placing the CPE to having more SNR? Do you know the minium SNR to have an stable connection?

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    Below 20/25 dB it's highly unreliable. Above 20/25 dB it's working to a limited extend. Above 30/35 dB it's o.k. for reliable data transfers and the more you come close to 60/70 dB, the better. This includes 3-5 dB tolerance in case it's raining or snowing, which also affects the link.

    Precise alignment is most important, so you should talk to your friend.


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