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    Unreliable LB100 smart bulb

    Model : LB100

    Hardware Version : 1.0

    Firmware Version : 1.7.1

    ISP : Netgear R6300v2

    All of my HS105 and HS200 smart plugs and switches throughout the house work very reliably. I think I've only had one or two failures to operate in the last several months, and a repeat attempt worked.

    But my LB100 smart bulb stops working about once per week. Once it fails, it stays down until I reset it by turning the power off and on. Usually it's Stringify that reports a failure with the bulb, while sequential actions in the Stringify flow with other TP-Link switches work just fine, so it's not due to the Kasa link being down. The bulb is only about 30 feet from the router and has a good WiFi signal at that location.

    So what's the problem? Does the bulb have older firmware that screws up and loses contact more frequently? Why does it fail to re-establish contact? Why does this affect only the bulb and not the switches?
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    1.7.1 is the newest firmware. Did you hard reset the bulb? When it went down, does it show offline or something? BTW, the bulb stops working means you cannot control it even when you are on the same network, or it only happens when you are on different network.This seems to be the bulb, email tplink support to further troubleshoot.

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    Most of the time the bulb works fine, but about once a week I ask Stringify or Google Home to turn it on in the morning and nothing happens. When I check their log, I see that they report a failure trying to control the LB100 bulb. Then I try the Kasa app, and Kasa can't turn it on either. So I turn the power to the bulb off and on again, and it recovers. I also have a bunch of TP-Link switches, and nothing like this ever happens to them.

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    I've updated the firmware a couple of times, and it seems a bit more reliable. But new problem today: the bulb did not respond to on/off commands, but Kasa showed the bulb status as good and the bulb going on and off in the app. Again a power-down/power-up fixed it.

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    And the bulb was down again this morning, needed a power off/on cycle. Clearly if a reboot can successfully reconnect, the permanent loss of connection is a firmware bug, and the firmware updates so far are not fixing it.

    On the other hand my TP-Link HS105 switches are 100% reliable. Do they use the same network firmware?


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