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    I bought two sets of the PA9020P V2, power line adapters to use in a concrete house to connect outdoor wireless IP cameras. nSo far the adapters have exceeded my expectations. The connect speed between the first pair is around 210mbps which is great considering. Support from TP-Link support staff is poor at best. I have been trying to find out the difference between V1 and V2 for the PA9020P 2000. So far no response. I also asked why there wasn't a support page for version 2. No response. I also email support to find out if the firmware on my devices is current or if there is a newer version available. yup you guessed it, no response. I am in the market for a new wireless router and having tried Netgear Orbi, Linksys Velop (current) i was considering the Archer 5400. But with the lack of responsiveness from TP-Link support staff and the utter lack of responses on this forum, TP-link is no longer in the running. I would like answers to any of the other questions I had is anyone has valid, accurate data. Thanks.

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    Yes, TP-Link support ist very poorly one...:-/

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    TP-Link support should be renamed to TP-Link No Support!

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    After battling back and forth the last week with Support, I found out the device support site redirect to the country website for that device you are connecting from. OK thats fine, but the US version of the TP-9020P has three (3) hardware versions. I never found out the difference in the three, but the firmware is different but carries the same version number. After the battle, TP-Link support finally gave me the links to V2 of the firmware. Once I upgraded each of my power-line devices (4), my security cameras which are 5mp outdoor cameras quit freezing the video feed during live-view. I don't know why it was like pulling teeth to get support to quit fucking with me and provide the software. Its got to be the strangest business models i have ever seen, chase away customers and hope to grow profits. I hope it works out for them. There are too many other vendors around to put up with this crap anymore.

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    No Support reachable, not by phone, not by email, not by chat, not by contact form on their website.

    So I guess I'll send the scrap back.

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    yea i have same problem too, TP-Link support is actually no support at all

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    After 3 Emails and one contact form contact via their Homepage I received a Firmware update link for my bloody 9020, V 1.0 kit. The update from Version 3.24 to 3.24b resulted in zero improvement. So I returned the scrappy stuff.

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    I found that the fastest way to get support was to leave a negative product review on Amazon!


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