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    Re-adding one Deco to ethernet backhaul set up

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    I successfully set up (after many attempts) the bottom set up of the two below:

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    All working well then one of my children turns off one of decos acting as APs and now I cant seem to get it back working.

    I've tried re booting, re-adding in wireless range and then moving aware from wireless signal and connecting to LAN but I can't get passed the red flashing light. Help!!! (I really don't want to re-install the whole deco system). Any easy ways to re-add a deco?

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    Please reboot your switch for a try.

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    That doesn't work unfortunately. What's the process for adding a new deco to network that's already connected via ethernet as I've now removed the third deco from the other two?

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    Did you try resetting the Deco unit using the switch on the back, and then adding it as new to the app?


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