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    No power after turning on

    Model : HS100

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    After I turn the plug on, it will only provide power to the device for a split second before dying. The plug had been working properly for around one month but now has developed problems. Is this a hardware problem?


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    I'm having a similar issue.

    I was using the HS100 for a month or so without any issues. Subsequently, it developed intermittent WiFi connection issues even though nothing in the network changed. I got frustrated and removed the plug from use for some weeks.

    Yesterday, I installed the smart plug near my router and upgraded the firmware to 1.2.xx (can't remember exactly). The firmware upgrade was successful and worked throughout the day. At night, I moved the smart plug to another power point, and I can't turn on the smart plug at all since. Argh!
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    Angry I have the same issue

    The device worked perfectly for the first week and the suddenly it stopped working, I have the exact same issue when I activate the device it outputs power for a split second and then nothing at all. I believe the relay must be damaged or something I guess its a factory defect.

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    Also having the same problem. What were you all switching? I was switching a 1500 W space heater. This reddit post links to an Amazon review with more information from TP Link. IMO, stating 15 A load without qualifier is a dangerous mistake by TP Link.



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