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    T9UH problems on 5GHZ band / channels

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    I have a ASUS RT-AC66R Dual Band AC1750 router, configured as an AP. On the 5GHz band, it is configured for channel 149/80MHz, It has been operating fine with this configuration for several years with other USB adapters (Rosewill N900UBE and ASUS USB AC56) plus other devices (e.g. iPad).

    I purchased the TP-Link Archer T9UH hoping to improve the reliability of the connection I was getting with the ASUS USB AC56.

    I am running Windows 10 Home 32bit at the latest update on the machine that is using this adapter.

    I downloaded the latest drivers from the TP-Link web site.

    The T9UH does not see the 5GHz SSID at all. It is just not there.

    When I reconfigure the ASUS RT-AC66R to auto channel on the 5GHz band, rather than fixed channel at channel 149, the T9UH sees the 5GHz SSID and connects.

    As an experiment, I set the ASUS RT-AC66R to fixed channel at a different channel, and the SSID again disappeared from the T9UH.

    What is going on? I would prefer to select the channel rather than leave it on auto. Why doesn't this work with the T9UH?

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    a fixed channel such as channel 36 could work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shield101 View Post
    a fixed channel such as channel 36 could work?
    Perhaps it would, I'll check tonight. But setting the fixed channel to 36 defeats the purpose. I would like it to operate on channel 149+ (80MHz width).

    Why doesn't the T9UH work with setup I had?

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    Here is what I have determined after running tests with a variety of setups on my access point.

    My T9UH will only see the low channels in the 5GHz band. It will operate at channel 36, 40, 44, or 48, but nothing else.

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    According to the specifications (ref: TP-Link Archer T9UH User Guide), this adapter supports:

    5.18~5.24GHz, (i.e. channels 36-48)
    5.26~5.32GHz, (i.e. channels 52-64)
    5.500~5.700GHz, (i.e. channel 140)
    5.745~5.825GHz (i.e.channels 149-165)

    So, why doesn't mine see anything above channel 48? The adapter previously installed in this computer ( ASUS USB AC56) had no problem @ channel 149 / 80Mhz, so it is not the computer itself that is the problem.

    Is it the driver?
    Is it the T9UH firmware?
    Are the specs wrong?

    I could use some help.

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    Try out this driver, fixed the issue for some other people


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