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    tp105 modelTL-SG105E UN VER3

    Model :

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    My daughter bought me a 5 porTL-105 E at christmas she set it up to ip addres ending 2 was working fine , but now it its reverted to o.1It now conflicts with my router its address is ... ..... .0.1 she tell me i have to change it back to 2 where she set it , does any one have an idiots guide how to do this please

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    I believe both TL-SG108E and TL-SG105E has the exact same features.

    You'll need to separate the switch from your router first since there's a conflict.
    Plug in the lan cable straight to your TL-SG105E to your pc.
    While connecting straight to the TL-SG105E with your pc, your pc will lose the ability to obtain it's ip address. Because the router leases the local ip to your pc.
    You'll need to configure it manually through the video below.

    For windows 7.

    For windows 10

    Follow the guide above.
    Set the ip address to the follow
    Ip address: or anything not

    You don't need anything for gateway and dns.

    Now for accessing the switch.
    It'll be much more easier if you have the tp-link mini disc that comes with the switch.
    Install the content and run the Easy Smart Configuration Utility.
    It'll bring up menu to configure the switch where you can immediately change the IP without logging into the switch itself.
    like below.
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    IP address will -> switch IP.
    Gateway -> remember to input to your router's IP which is

    If you lost the cd, you can download from below for the Easy smart configuration utility

    Or else you'll have to try to log into the smart switch by inputting into your web browse the default IP which is (Please make sure your are directly connecting to the switch and it's not connected to the router)
    Default IP:

    Once logged in
    Select System
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    Select IP Setting
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    Input the settings accordingly
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    Remember save your configuration.
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    You're done.

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    thank you for your help i have printed it and will study it keep your fingers crossed

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    have now completed your instruction and the disk did make a big difference ,seems to be working i was very nervous fiddling with the computer but your step by step instructions were great thank you


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