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    EAP 225 (US) Daylight Saving in Recurring mode, unable to set month

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    In Canada DST is from March to November (https://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/servi.../index.html#Q5).

    In the web interface for the EAP225 (1.2.0 Build 20170828 Rel. 67446(5553)), in System / Time Settings / Daylight Saving, in Recurring Mode, the Dropdown menu seems to exceed the window size and I cannot select late months in the year (such as November).

    I tried using a different browser (chrome/ie) in 1080p at 100% scaling in windows 10. I'm unable to set my dates properly due to this.

    Please fix this in a future firmware update.

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    I tested it and reproduced the issue.


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