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    Archer VR900v1 Regular "lockups" with 'internal error 1' reported on admin console

    Model : Archer VR900

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 1.5 v004c.0 Build 170119 Rel.66992n

    ISP : PlusNet (UK)[/COLOR]


    I've had this VR900 on an ADSL2+ service for quite some time with few, if any, issues.

    Now, I'm regularly having to reboot the device as I lose all internet comms. Logging into the admin console (before a reboot) I often see a sluggish response from the pages followed by an 'internal error 1' pop-up.

    On firmware 0.9.1 1.5 v004c.0 Build 170119 Rel.66992n since it's release last year.

    After the last lock up, I have re-installed the firmware and so far so good, but that was only 6 hours ago, so still early days.

    Anyone else experiencing issues with this device/firmware?

    Would a change of broadband provider make a difference (moved from Sky to Plusnet about 2 months ago here in the UK, though the issues have only just started to happen in the last couple of weeks)?



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    Hi Neil,

    Contact TP-Link support (support.uk@tp-link.com) and request a beta firmware for VR900 v1
    I requested a beta for IPv6 configuration on BT and they sent me
    Firmware Version:0.9.1 1.5 v004c.0 Build 170417 Rel.37627n
    When you upload the new firmware, because it is a beta version, the administration login address will change to
    Good luck!

    If you want IPv6 to work with PlusNet (BT) use the following settings with the beta firmware.

    Use the following configuration settings (I used these on VR900v1 to get IPV6 to work):-

    BT DNS servers are:-

    Modify/Edit connection
    Enable IPV6
    Address type: DHCPv6
    IPV6 gateway: Current connection
    Advanced/Network/LAN Settings

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