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Hi all, I will apologise in advance for my poor tech speak as I really struggle with all this. I've had the tp link AP for a few years with no issues. Recently changed internet provider plus firestick acting up so did a complete re set. Managed to get it all resorted via the management link but then the internet kept dropping out. switch off the AP link and all is running, but obviously slower. quick run down on set up. Router is in front of home, directly linked are two PC's. The router is also then attached to Ethernet cable which runs to the back of the home. This is then connected Ethernet switch that has 7 outputs one of which has always been the AP to boost the signal. It is these other lines on the switch that get affected by the AP being on, WIFI streaming continues so I know its not the internet dropping out with the new provider. Figured I'd set something up wrong when I used the management link but when I try now to connect it just says I have a problem. I've tried all the solutions but nothing. at a loss any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanx in advance