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    Trouble opening ports for CCTV server

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    So previously the house contained an Orange Livebox which opened a port for some Samsung CCTV. (Ipolis)

    There are 2 Liveboxes now attached to a R480T+. (the telephone lines come through the internet through the livebox). And everything is working fine for normal internet access.

    However I am having a problem for the CCTV to go through the firewall. I have basically disabled any firewall (to the best of my ability) on one of the liveboxs so that the R480 can deal with port details. Under virtual servers port 80 has been opened and pointed towards the CCTV server internal IP. the internal IP of the server is listed under the DMZ. However when I try to connected from outside the building it cannot see the server. When I test the fixed IP of the connection it says that port 80 is closed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    you could post the configuration screenshots of virtual server or DMZ here. I'd like to have a check. BTW, what the internal server IP is?


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