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    LB130 - Blue element gone bad?

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    Recently purchased 1 LB130 along with other similar mfg's bulbs for side by side comparison. I had about decided that the TP Link hardware was the way to go for standard bulbs, but then a problem occurred.All colors available from within the Kasa app that contain any percentage of blue... Are missing the blue. The red & green color combos are fine, but changing to purple, for instance, gives me straight up red. This began a few days ago & was intermittent, and could be fixed by cycling quickly through the infinite color screen. That trick no longer works.Willing to perform a factory reset, but not sure it will help, considering the hardware defect implied by this symptom. Any suggestions appreciated.Thanks

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    I have the same issue, except with red. at first, i was able to get it to work by turning the bulb on/off with the switch. but eventually, it just died. was very disappointed, as I spent 59$ on it and was not able to get a refund. their customer service seems to be nonexistent.

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    Update firmware, factory reset, contact tplink support if problem still exists.


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