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I am trying to connect/combine three (3) internet connections, two (2) of which are Fiber Optic Broadband, WAN1 & WAN2, and the orther one (1) is an LTE Broadband, WAN3. All of them were configured at Dynamic IP since I am using the LAN port of these modems to connect it to the TL-R470T+. When I unplug the LTE Broadband from WAN port (WAN3) or "no connection" from the ISP I lose the internet connection. Can anyone enlighten me on this matter.

Thank you.

Here is my current setup:

20 mbps Fiber Optic Broadband (Dynamic IP)
10 mbps Fiber Optic Broadband (Dynamic IP) > TL-R470T+ > Apple Airport Extreme WIFI > Internet Devices (Laptops, tablet, etc.)
4 mpbs LTE Broadband (Dynamic IP)