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    Need adivise for buy router 2km to3km

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    Hello teamHow are you?I need your help to decaide witch one is best router for me.I want to use my shop internet at my home & accourding to google map my home to shop disstence is 450m.My shop is in plaza at 1st floor in the city. Please tell me if i buy tp link 5210 router. Is it works? Because between plaza to my home many other homes. I can install the router on 5th floor of my markeet roof. But home is dubble story. Please tell if its works then how?Need your guide.Thanks...Sorry for bad English.

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    I would recommend using two CPE510 or two CPE520 for long distance links, whichever is available in your country.

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    Ok sir thank you very much for your best reply.
    i need one more question. sir do i need to install 2 routers for send & receive? or i need only one and attach it with my Broadband Device then i can receive WIFI Signal at my home?
    because today i watch one video about tp link CPE510 & they show we need 2 routers for that. 1 as AP and other as Client.
    please guide me little more then i buy this.

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    You need two access points CPE510, both are sending/receiving at the same time. One CPE is to be placed at your home (working in AP mode), the other one at your shop (working in client mode). You need to connect the CPE at your home to your router, which will connect itself to the Internet.


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