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    M7350 web interface broken

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    Hi all,

    I own a M7350 V3.0 and there are few weeks ago I can log in the web interface but there is no action available. Menus are displayed but no text, no other elements than menu icons.
    In the browser dev console there is the following error "Uncaught SyntaxError : Invalid or unexpected token in settings.min.js:11"

    I can't update the firmware as click on menus has no effect.

    I tryed with different browsers on different computers and OS with the same result.

    But, the tpMiFi app seems to work properly.

    Windows/linux says it is connected but there is no internet access.

    Have you any idea how to solve the problem ?


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    you can try to reset it

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    Yes, I tried to reset without any success. I can log in the web interface but no action is available.


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