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    Change IP Range on the M5 Deco

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    Were do I change the IP range of the Deco. I can not find the menu, but it is probably so simpel so that I cant find it . the factory set 192.168.0.X Range is Useless.

    Thanks in advance for a prompt answer before I throw the units in the trash!

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    We want to be able to control the IP range of the WAN and LAN ports as well. We want to use on the LAN port and DHCP on the WAN.

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    I did email deco support. They said the IP range and DHCP settings will be added in future updates.
    Will keep an eye on that.

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    I Guess you are kidding!? I have yet to come over a Cheap product not having tins possibility. If this is not possible the product is useless for many.

    This should be stated on the outside of the retail box and in the explanatory sales text since it is a major flaw/drawback !!

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    I have now placed the Deco were it belongs.

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    I see you kept the other two

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    You can trick the Deco into changing the 192.168.1.x range by connecting a router that is in the 192.168.0.x range. I learned the hard way by adding a Pi-Hole to my network then found this in the FAQ:

    "Deco will detect the IP conflict with the front-end modem or router. For example, if the front-end router has the LAN IP address of, then Deco will change its own IP range to 192.168.1.x."

    Also, I think it's time to empty that trash can ;-)

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    Trashcan is empty now and new UBIQUITI APs installed and working fine. The performance/speed of the WIFI has increased drastically.

    To use factory preset IP ranges (192.168.0.xxx and 192.168.1.xxx) is useless for many. But as I learned the DECO M5 is a product to be used at home for users with no demands and little or no need to adjust the equipment. But with making it impossible to change the IP - Range "TP-Link" took it to far.
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