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    VR900 USB drive format for Apple.

    Model : Archer VR900 v2 00000000

    Hardware Version : Archer VR900 v2 00000000

    Firmware Version : 0.1.0 0.9.1 v0069.0 Build 160721 Rel.66177n

    ISP : Pure Broadband.

    I've recently bought a VR900 and I have a 4Tb Seagate USB drive.

    The drive is currently formatted as MAC OS Extended (I have a predominantly Apple network).

    The Macs can see the drive when it's connected to the VR900 and also write to it, but every so often it just vanishes. I'm assuming this is an incompatibility with the current format.

    Reading the manual (!), it seems the VR900 doesn't like ExFAT, so the big question is, if I have to re-format the drive, what format can/should I use, bearing in mind I have some files over 30Gb in size?
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    I finally managed to answer my own question - or rather TP-Link tech support did:

    "For the HFS+, VR900 support it." - this means something else is causing the problem.


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