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I bought an LB130 bulb last week and it's been a nightmare since! Basically it would just lose connection after 10 minutes or so and I was having to reset it over and over again. I have been looking for a fix and read quite a few people mentioned a download tool to update firmware via the computer. I tried one download and it just kept saying "upgrade failed." I got in touch with TP-Link chat and I was given a link to a download called beta Upgrade_Tool_V1.0 and I extracted it then ran the "Main" application in it. It brought up the box where I chose my device. Ran it and my heart sank when it said "Upgrade failed due to LB130 not having most recent firmware." That's worked to my advantage! I have the previous firmware installed on the bulb now and it works flawlessly. Anyway I'm new on here and I can't work out how to add the file to this post? So just ask for the... beta Upgrade_Tool_V1.0 from the online chat folk.