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    Angry Non stop problems with the nc220

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    Does anyone else have non-stop problems with the NC220? its seriously one of the worst things I've purchased in a long time and I don't even know where to start but here we go. Please note I'm well versed in software installation and would be far from a novice when it comes to setting these types of things up.. //

    1) Whilst I can see the camera on my iphone, it doesn't appear at all on my two year old Huawei. The APP works but cannot find the camera even when I'm standing next to it. I have have fibre optic wifi and the camera is connected directly into a my router.

    2) Using the APP on my iphone allows me to take pictures and video but has now stopped saving them at all. My iphone has a ton of space on it.

    3) The APP does not include the option to email any photos to me, while I see it has this option on screen-shots on line, the option is not where it should be.

    4) The lag is really bad, 10 seconds plus sometimes.

    5) When its due to be in "live" mode, its stopping even though the "live" icon is still pulsing, so if someone enters my home I have no idea.

    6) The motion detection barely works, I have to stand on front of it and move about before the APP sends a notification with no photo etc to my phone.

    7) The only registration at http://www.tp-link.com/resources/simulator/ won't let me register at all. I input my details and try to progress and nothing happens, it won't move forward or progress. I have tried this on Google, Safari and Firefox.

    8) The plug-in for trying to see the camera on http://www.tp-link.com/resources/simulator/ does not work as is not support on iOS via Google, Safari and Firefox.

    9) I am waiting days for support to right me back answers that work...days doesn't really work when your talking about a security device.

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    Yes! I am encountering so many problems with NC220 as well. The iPhone app is close to non-functional, lags and lack updates from the development team. It's sad :/

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    Have you tried the Icam viewer to view the cam

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    Does the tplink support fix the problems? Would you like to share the update?


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