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    Archer C7 - No Parental Control

    Model : Archer C7

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 1.0.2

    ISP : Vodafone.de[/COLOR]

    Hello, I did now a lot of tests with Access Control and Parental Control and I still have the Problem that my Parental Control won't work... So Access Control I can completely block an MAC Adress from the Network, that works. But when I set a Parental Control that the internet should be disabled for a while or only enabled for a while, that's not working at all... I tryed out with my own Handy on WLAN and it's like nothing changed,, Even when I disable WLAN an enable WLAN it still works fine in my NO Internet Time... Like there is no Parental Control set.What could that be?

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    You can write an email to tplink support. They can help you check your settings

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    thx for the Answer... I directly wrote to the support after you posted this, but still no reaction...

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    Are you using the latest Firmware Revision? you don't list it above.....

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    You can email to support again or chat with their support... or wait for a few days

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    I have the
    Firmware Version: 1.0.2 Build: 20170301 rel. 75727(4555)
    Hardware: Archer C7 v4.0

    I can't find a chat function... I'm still waiting on the replay to my E-Mail...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DL2ROY View Post

    I have the
    Firmware Version: 1.0.2 Build: 20170301 rel. 75727(4555)
    Hardware: Archer C7 v4.0

    I can't find a chat function... I'm still waiting on the replay to my E-Mail...
    I think the hotline will be more quick than email.

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    Is the Router correctly setup under System tools >Time ? assuming you are trying to control access with the Clock?

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    @Kbird Yes, time is correct...
    @Vivien27, yeah but i think for Germany there is only an expensive hotline from Austria...

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    What Firmware is that you have on the C7 V4 ? number above doesn't look normal.....

    germany right ? from your comments...it seems 171101 is the latest from nov 1st 2017....


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    I got an answer from the Support... Just like "look in the Manual Chapter 8. If it don't works like there reset the Router. And when it still won't work, contact the Support again"

    That's what i did, i tryed again and i contacted the support again...

    It's the Firmware that was on the Router when I bought it new in decembre 2017. So i don't think that the Firmware will be the reason, but lateron i will try to update...

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    I wanted to try to upgrade the Firmware but it's impossible...

    I'm blocked out at the moment...

    When I try to login into the router with my TPLink-Account there comes an error message "Request timed out" So actually I'm blocked out of my router...

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    Ok, now I was able again to connect to my router. I upgraded to the newest build of 20171101 (version 1.0.5)

    But this changed nothing for the Parental Control...

    I want:

    NAME has Internet everyday from 5pm to 7pm. And the rest of the Day NAME has NO Internet.

    btw: The Support didn't reply on my reply. So they just told me to do what's written in the Manual, and after I tryed and replyed that it's not working they don't even mesaged me back...
    Last edited by DL2ROY; 01-30-2018 at 17:34.

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    Can you tell us how you did to to be able to connect to your router? I registered tp-link id and cannot login. If I turn off the power of the router, I can log in for about 1 day.

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    @softw I just waited... And yes with my tp-link ID... But it's really annoying that I have to use the tplink-IF just because i want to use the tplink dyndns...
    Why isn't it possible to use the normal password to connect to the router and only use the tplink-ID for the dyndns?


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