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    How to configure Link Backup on TL-ER5120 V3

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    Hello everybody !

    I have another problem yet, with link backup now...

    I try to configure Link Backup on a router TL-ER5120...
    I would like to when connection on WAN1 failed, WAN2 replace WAN1 !

    I have searched on internet and forum, but I don't find the solution.

    Here you can see the installation :

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    In a normal mode, the traffic is on WAN1 -> it's ok.

    Now here is my configuration for link backup :

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    for online detection WAN 1 :
    Name:  soft2.png
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    for online detection WAN 2 :
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    and for load balancing (I desactivate all... I don't want do use it) :
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    It works fine when I play with option connect/disconnect from WAN1&2 parameters.
    Or if I physically connect/disconnect WAN 1 or 2

    BUT :

    if I lose the connection on the WAN 1, I want to say :
    - line ADSL is off
    - but the modem ADSL is always ON and connected in the WAN 1 port
    now the router doesn't switch on the port WAN 2.

    I can see in the "Online detection" menu that WAN1 is well offline (and WAN 2 is online)
    But I can't access internet.
    If I go on the WAN 1 parameters and I click on disconnect button, so WAN 2 take the connection and I access internet.

    I try to play with DNS off WAN ports, with parameters in online detection menu (specify IP or DNS lookup), but nothing works.

    I despair, I don't understand why if I disconnect manually WAN 1 (with cable or with button in WAN parameters) it works !!!
    And not automatically ????!!!!!

    I hop you have an idea !!!

    Thanks very much for your help !!!
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    Hi jjacques68 ;-)

    It should be help you : http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....l=1#post228910

    With my actual params, if I broke the adsl input (modem 1), the TP-link is correctly switch to the second modem (dns is working !).... but it's not excactly what I was expecting at first (I whould like a real Link Backup) because it's a load balancing conf ;-(

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    I think maybe it comes to dns issue. Why not configure wan1's DNS server as and have a try.

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    Another attempt, keep your settings. When WAN1 is offline and WAN2 is online, you mean cann't get online. Now set your PC's dns server as If you could get Internet?
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